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Skin Dilemmas

Q: Which is the best treatment that can remove Acne Marks and dark spots?

A: The Glow-Up Laser Light Facial using the world-class Fotona Starwalker laser machine, meant to make the skin smoother, younger, and brighter, giving you that Glow-up you’ve always wanted.

Q: Which is the best treatment for those who have Acne Prone Skin or Oily Skin?

A: The Crystal Carbon Peel by Alma Q works best for acne-prone or oily complexions. It is a painless rejuvenating procedure that combines an activated carbon peel with a versatile laser facial to deeply exfoliate and resurface new, bright, and beautiful skin.

Q: What is the best treatment for someone who has active Acne?

A: For active acne, we highly recommend you consult with our board-certified dermatologist prior to any treatment so we can customize the best treatment plan for your skin condition.

Q: Which is the best treatment for those who have Dry Skin?

A: For dry skin, we highly recommend Air Light Facial, this is an oxygen-based facial that plumps, nourishes, and hydrates skin as well as combat the signs of early aging.

Q: Which is the best treatment for those who have Dull Skin?

A: You can choose from the following treatments: The Madonna Glow by Oxylight, Jet Light Facial and the Hydrafacial Delight. All of these services can give you the glow that you need.

Q: Which treatment is meant for Anti-Aging?

A: You can choose from the following treatments: Clear + Brilliant Facial, Lift Off by Sygmalift, The Madonna Glow by Oxylight, Freshen Up Facial by OxyGeneO+. All of these services have Anti-Aging benefits.

*As a general reminder, consulting our doctor would be best to know the treatment suited for your skin type.


Q: In each treatment, do I really have to go through pricking?

A: Pricking is optional, you can always ask our aesthetician to skip this step. As an alternative, you can opt to use the BT Micro.

Q: How do I avail the BT Micro? Is there an additional charge?

A: Just inform your skin specialist to have your facial without pricking with no additional charge.

Glow Process

Q: Should I have a doctor consultation before scheduling a treatment?

A: Doctor consultation is not necessary but is recommended especially if you have skin concerns.

Q: Is there a downtime for your services?

A: This depends on the treatment, downtime is usually discussed by our doctors, front desk officers and skin specialists.

Q: How do I take care of my skin after having the treatment?

A: It is important to read and follow the After-Glow instructions presented after your treatment. You may read these again here: After Glow.

Q: I am experiencing some post-treatment reactions. What should I do?

A: If you are experiencing unwanted reactions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at +63 917 888 4569 (GLOW)


Q: Are the Glow Skin Habits available to purchase online?

A: Our Glow Skin Habits line is available online through our website or in our clinic located in Uptown Mall, Fort Bonifacio.

Q: What product can I use if I have acne-prone or oily skin?

A: We recommend our Clear Glow line. The Clear Glow line controls sebum production, reduces pore size, and actively treats acne and blemishes. Best for oily and combination skin types, many of the products under this line act as astringents that kill any acne-causing bacteria on the skin.

Q: What product can I use to brighten my skin?

A: We recommend our Day Glow line. Great for Normal to Dry skin types, this line focuses on lightening dark spots, evening out skin tones, and brightening complexions. With ascorbic acid, willow herb extract, and glycolic acid present in most of the items under the Day-Glow line, you’ll achieve an overall glow in no time.

Q: What product can I use if I have sensitive skin?

A: We recommend our Gentle Glow line. While mostly geared towards those with sensitive skin, the Gentle Glow line is good for all skin types. With hypoallergenic formulas that keep the skin supple and smooth to the touch, this line is good for preventing inflammation, irritation, and redness. Aloe vera, Vitamin B5, and chamomile extracts are the stars of the Gentle Glow line.

Q: Do you sell sunblocks?

A: We offer Heliocare 360 Mineral and Gel Oil Free sunblocks available to be purchased in the clinic.


Q: How do I schedule a reservation?

A: You may call or message our clinic directly at +63 917 888 4569 (GLOW) or through our website to book your appointment.

Q: What happens if I arrive late on my appointment?

A: We follow a late arrival policy in order to minimize wait times. Client who arrive 15 minutes after their scheduled appointment will be automatically asked to reschedule.

Q: How can I reschedule my appointment?

A: You may reschedule your appointment via call or text message +63 917 888 4569 (GLOW)

Q: Is it possible to do a walk-in appointment?

A: Yes, it is possible to do a walk-in appointment although, those who have scheduled appointments will be prioritized.

Q: How do I cancel my appointment?

A: You may cancel your appointment via call or text message +63 917 888 4569 make sure to inform us a day before your scheduled appointment.

General Information

Q: What are the prices of the services?

A: Prices are available for viewing at

Q: What are your operating hours?

A: We are open from 10am-10pm on Sunday – Thursday and 10am – 11pm on Friday and Saturday.

Q: Where is the clinic located?

A: Our clinic is located at 2/F Uptown Mall, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

Q: How do I schedule an appointment?

A: You may schedule an appointment by calling or texting +63 917 888 4569 (GLOW) You may also book through this link: Book.

Q: Do you have other branches I can go to?

A: Currently we have one clinic located at 2/F Uptown Mall, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, but please stay updated for announcements on our new branches.

Q: Is there a consultation fee?

A: The consultation fee with our board-certified dermatologist is ₱1500 but will be waived if you avail any treatment worth ₱3000 above.

Q: Is the dermatologist available everyday?

A: Our board-certified dermatologist and skin-health doctor is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 3:00 – 7:00 pm and on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 2:00-7:00 pm.


Q: What are the options for the mode of payment?

A: Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card or Paypal.

Q: Do you offer installment options for payment?

A: Yes we do have 3 months installment at 0% interest for treatments/packages at 15,000 php to 49,999 php. We also have 6 months installment at 0% interest for treatments/packages at 50,000php and above.

This is available for BDO and Metrobank Credit Card Holders


Q: I want to partner with Glow, where can I send a proposal?

A: Please send a proposal via email to with the subject: Partnership – (Name of Company).

Q: I want to work for Glow, where can I send my resume?

A: Please send your resume to with the subject: Application – (Job Description).

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