Let’s talk Underarm Care 101 ✨

  April 6, 2022

Here at Glow, we’re all about underarm treatments that are sure to give you sheer confidence in all your sleeveless glory — which is why our Pit Stop treatments are a crowd-favorite! Get ready to put your arms up with us at Glow, a one-stop-shop for underarm enhancement and maintenance.



Goodbye & Hairwell

Fill two needs with one deed through our powerful whitening and hair removal treatment sing the powerful diode laser, the Mediostar Next Pro.

Sleeve Me Alone by Jet

A Glow signature non-laser underarm treatment using Jet with Microdermabrasion that promises smoother and silkier pits that’ll pretty much convince you to never wear sleeves again.

Radiance Dance by Alma Q

The only service under our Pit Stop Treatment that focuses solely on lightening dark underarms, the Radiance Dance uses the same technology by Alma Q as our Crystal Carbon Peel.

Call to Arms by Fotona Starwalker

As the fastest approach towards underarm rejuvenation, this treatment does it all — from lightening uneven pigmentation to treating fine lines and chicken skin.

Sweat Escape

Stay away from sweat stains and discomfort with our Sweat Escape treatment. Completely safe with minimal side effects, this procedure works to manage axillary hyperdrosis or excessive underarm sweating.



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