Glow in comfort: Glow Skin Clinic’s Updated COVID-19 Guidelines

  March 15, 2022
Glow Skin Clinic Staff

Since the pandemic, the Glow family has been making sure we’re keeping everyone safe & protected from COVID-19. This includes new safety regulations, proper clinic disinfecting, and making sure everyone is 100% fully vaccinated against the virus — admin, staff, doctors, and aestheticians! ✨

Here’s a quick breakdown of safety measures included in the clinic to make sure you get your glow on, the safest way possible! 🛡

Before entering the clinic, you can put your best foot forward (and plant both feet on our foot mat right outside our front doors!) Our footbaths are there to make sure our floors and surfaces stay squeaky clean ✨

Glow Skin Clinic - Temp Check

Once inside, our staff will always make sure to check your temperature first, and will only allow those with temperature readings of below 37.8°C — so keep it cool while you get your glow on!

In the clinic, you can breathe easy because Glow uses Plasma Air Ionization, which has been proven to reduce lingering presence of viruses by 99% in air, and 80% on surfaces. Our air is pure & clean using electrically charged molecules, but to ensure utmost safety, kindly keep your mask on until it is time for your treatment.


We’ve got you covered — as well as all the other surfaces in-store too. Glow uses Nano Antimicrobial Coating to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria and viruses, it kills bacteria in minutes and provides long-term protection, giving you a worry-free experience during each visit.

Glow Skin Clinic Staff

Trust us, you’re in good hands! We also disinfect regularly and so should you. Feel free to take a pump (or two!) from the disinfect dispensers located around all corners of the clinic.

So don’t fret! Rest assured you’re in safe hands during every Glow visit. You can book your appointments now through our hotline at 0917-888-GLOW! You can also book online through our website here 🖥

See more of our updated guidelines in action on Instagram @glowskinclinicph.

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