Building the Perfect Skincare Routine with Glow Skin Habits

  June 24, 2019

Finding the right products for your skin requires patience like no other. There is a lot of confusion and trial-and-error involved simply ‘cause people have different skin types. Plus, the market is oversaturated with products that sound too good to be true. So… Where exactly do you start?

Thankfully, we’ve got a solution for you! Glow and behold, Glow Skin Habits is our take-home skincare line that is conveniently categorized per skin type. It’s our no-nonsense solution that’s easy to understand and even easier to integrate into a daily routine. Each product in the regimen is well-thought out and formulated to work best when used together. Below is a simple guide that will help you start your glowing journey!




Does your face feel tight every morning? Do you experience flaking, cracking, and itching all the time? If it feels and looks dull, then you may have dry skin. Being constantly exposed to certain chemicals (eg. chlorine), living in dry weather where the humidity is low, and taking frequent baths or showers in hot water are some of the leading causes of dry skin. With that, it’s time to load up your skin with intense hydration and brightening.


The Day Glow line is perfect for dry complexions. The no-fuss 4-step routine consists of a foam cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and a bar of soap. It contains ascorbic acid, glycolic acid, and yellow herb extract. These ingredients are known to boost collagen production, even out skin tone, treat fine lines, dullness, and improve overall skin health. You’ll get a hydrated, brighter glow in no time!




Skin that gets shinier as the day goes by, makeup slipping and sliding on your face, visibly large pores especially on the T-zone, and frequent breakouts — these are the telling signs that you have oily, acne-prone skin.

Genetics and hormones are the main culprits of oily skin. But oil, also known as sebum, isn’t all that bad. In fact, it keeps the skin soft and supple. However, overproduction of it can lead to clogged pores and acne breakouts. The way to combat oily skin is to have a consistent AM and PM regimen.


The Clear Glow line is the way to go! The products in this line include a foam cleanser, a tea tree soap bar, pore-minimizing liquid, oil astringent, an AM blemish cream and a PM blemish gel. These products work hand-in-hand to control sebum production, reduce pore size, and actively treat acne and blemishes. So you’ll get clear, glowing skin without the shine!




Redness, rashes, and bumps are often issues for sensitive-skinned guys and gals. Stinging or burning sensations when certain products are applied is also a common issue since sensitive skin has a thinner barrier compared to other skin types. There are a lot of factors that contribute to sensitive skin, including allergies, over-exfoliation, medications, and environmental stressors like smoke and pollution.


We get it, you’re reluctant to try out new products in fear of getting a bad skin reaction. But our Gentle Glow line is made with amazing hypoallergenic formulas. There are three products: a foam cleanser, calming gel and moisturizing cream. Thanks to natural skin-calming ingredients of aloe vera, vitamin B5 and chamomile extract, these products prevent inflammation, irritation and redness. When used together consistently, you can achieve supple, smooth skin that’s soft to the touch.

Still confused? No worries! You can still get your glow on by visiting Glow Skin Clinic at Uptown Mall for a consultation with our dermatologist.

The Glow Skin Habits skincare line is finally available for purchase through our website. Each skincare line comes with a free pouch. Click here to start shopping, glow-getter!

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