All Glowed Up 2019

  December 31, 2019

Glow has always been a brand that believes that true beauty glows from the inside out. It shouldn’t come with compromise, insecurity, regret, or remorse.

In celebration of the incoming year, Glow would like to thank all of our Glow-getters for the unending support in making this vision of ours turn into reality, and for being with us through all the milestones and memories we’ve made this year.

Here’s a recap of some of our best moments!

Contour Facial by Exilis Ultra 360 Launch

The brand introduced the New Contour Facial by Exilis Ultra 360 with an event launch that left our partners glowing from every angle!

1 Year Anniversary

We celebrated Glow’s 1 Year Anniversary with the Glow family! Cheers to a new year filled with endless possibilities!

Pit Stop

We also introduced our Pit Stop Treatments this year! 

You asked for it, so we decided to branch out and start serving underarm treatments as well! Here’s to reaching new heights and paving new ways to better serve and remind our Glow-getters that everyone deserves to throw their hands in the air like they just don’t care!

Zit Buster

We launched our Zit Buster by Agnes too! Leaving no zit unzapped!

Ranked #1 in Manila by!

HUGE thank you to for ranking us as the #1 place to get a facial in Manila! We can’t wait to give our Glow-getters the glow they deserve! We’ve only just begun, but we’re already planning more and more exciting things to come! (HINT: The bigger, the BETTER!)

Thirst Trap Series

Ready, Set, Glow! Three of your favorite Glow treatments just got an exciting and hydrating upgrade this year too! We celebrated with some of our favorite Glow girls at the Thirst Trap Launch event and definitely plumped it up!

Say hello to our new Glow gals, Sam Pinto and Mari Jasmine! 

They’re stylish, cool, and super chic!

Glow and behold! 

We definitely ended this year with a bang, but we’re only getting started! We can’t wait to explore new possibilities with you guys as we expand and share our glow with those who also believe that beauty should not come with baggage— it is unencumbered, free, and light.

Stay tuned for what we have in store for all our Glow-getters this 2020!




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