6 Ways to Get That Summer Glow All Year Long

  June 18, 2019

Seasons change and we are about to bid summer goodbye. As the weather begins to become more gloomy, this is not a reason to say goodbye to your radiant glow. Even when the sun’s up or hiding we know that it remains humid here: making your oil glands hyperactive, getting you sunburnt and dehydrated, the list goes on. That’s why you need to take extra special care during this time of year. Below, we listed a few tips combined with special products so you can maintain a beautiful glow throughout summer.




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Get rid of dead skin cells with a rejuvenating facial

A long, busy week at work calls for some R and R, and there’s no better way to do that than to head on over to Glow. The Crystal Carbon Peel by Alma Q is a quick and painless procedure comprising of a specially formulated carbon mask and the Alma Q laser. These 2 treatments work hand-in-hand to slough off dirt and impurities deep within the skin. The result? A bright and beautiful complexion.

Don’t skimp on SPF

We cannot stress this enough! Sunscreen is a non-negotiable for Filipinos everyday, even when the sun’s not out. Sun protection, not just for the face, but for the entire body is crucial. Excessive exposure to UV rays can cause wrinkles and other signs of premature aging, permanently damaging the skin. Invest in a sunscreen that has a broad UV spectrum and apply at least twice a day on all exposed parts of the skin.

A midday pick-me-up

A refreshing face mist can make all the difference on a humid day. Mists with special natural ingredients like aloe, green tea, or cucumber can help soothe sunburnt and inflamed skin while boosting hydration and glow.

Update your skincare routine

Your skin undergoes significant changes during the summer; freckles become more visible, sweat glands become more active, and you’re more likely to get intense breakouts and dull skin. That’s why it’s important to shake up your skin routine accordingly — a good foam cleanser, a hydrating toner, a light moisturizer, and if you’re extra, a soap bar.

That’s why the Day-Glow skincare line is perfect for the hot summer season. Its ingredients, ascorbic acid, willow herb extract, and glycolic acid, are known to brighten the complexion, lighten dark spots, and even out skin tone. So you’ll achieve an all-over glow in an instant!



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Drown in H20!

Models are often asked how they get their lit-from-within glow and the one consistent answer is to always drink water. And they’re not wrong! Our body naturally sweats throughout the day, in turn we lose a lot of electrolytes and this increases the risk of dehydration. No one wants dry, tight, flaky skin. Our tip? Set a reminder on your phone to drink a glass (or two!) of water every hour.

Stick to healthy habits

Resist the urge to cancel gym plans on rainy and lazy days. Along with drinking plenty of water, developing healthy habits like exercising works wonders for the skin. Exercising increases blood circulation thus accelerating the cleansing process of the body. You’ll notice a post-workout glow right away!

It’s also a great time to indulge in veggies and seasonal fruits. Fruits rich in Vitamin C like pineapples, oranges, and mangoes transforms dull skin and makes it brighter and more evened out. While veggies like spinach, carrots, and tomatoes contain nutrients and antioxidants that boost collagen production and fight off damaging UV effects.

Getting enough sleep is also an important factor in skin health. So don’t worry about cancelling plans to catch up on some z’s. Poor sleep habits can result in increased stress hormones often leading to skin inflammation, puffiness, dark undereyes, dryness, and wrinkles. It’s recommended to establish a routine bedtime and get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Make sure you’re healthy and glowing all year round!

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