4 Brand Promises To Keep On Glowing 

  July 12, 2019

Last Tuesday, July 9, 2019 we were tagged as the “Best place to get a facial in Manila” by spot.ph alongside other thriving clinics in the metro. 

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We are very grateful and humbled by this recognition and because of this, here are our brand’s promises to all of our present and future Glow-Getters: 

We won’t ever scrimp on our products 

We can’t stress it enough that you get what you deserve from every cent that you pay for. All of the products that we use are properly sourced, that every drop and dollop of our creams, serums, masks and cleansers used in treatments came straight from bottles and tubes from the best all over the globe. 

Our machines are properly selected 

Before upgrading and launching a new machine, we make sure that it can offer optimal results to our clients. Our FDA approved machines go through a process of research and multiple studies to know that it can deliver safe and effective treatments. 

Our treatment protocols are mastered and studied

Aside from following recommended steps and procedures by the book we have also made sure that our protocols are tried and tested by the experts. Our aestheticians and nurses go through and pass a series of trainings to make sure they take care of your delicate skin. 

We value our customers’ overall satisfaction 

From start to finish, we want to make sure that anyone who steps in our clinic will feel relaxed and uplifted. As soon as you enter, you will be greeted by a welcoming staff and tasteful interiors pleasing to your senses. In our treatment rooms, you can lounge and feel like a VIP with our duvets and soft towels. Have we mentioned our curated playlists? These are the details that can make up your full Glow experience. 

From day one, we have always envisioned to give beauty without baggage and we are beyond happy that we are able to do this everyday. Let’s keep on glowing! 

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